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Green and Peace Organisations:

Green Party of England and Wales

Gloucester Green Party

Global Action to Prevent War

Culture Change - Jan Lundberg's site on matters green and energetic

Smart Sanctions - that hurt the regime, not the people.

Guy Dauncey - author, social inventor and sustainable communities consultant

Seize the Day - radical modern folk music that will live on

Move On organisation - US peace activists

Peace Links - all the peace links in the world, just about

Ian Henshall's Links - all the stuff that gets taken off the front pages

Campaign Against the Arms Trade



Friends of the Earth,

After Oil - John Busby's book on oil depletion

Sustrans sustainable transport, makes cycle tracks

Survival International - campaigning for indigenous peoples

Charter 88 - campaigning for UK constitutional reform

Intermediate Technology - getting appropriate technology to the developing world

Shelter - campaigning for the homeless

Amnesty International,

MEDACT, - taking action on key global health issues such as war on Iraq, collapsing health systems in Africa, and global climate change.

Medical Foundation for Victims of Torture, provides care and rehabilitation to survivors of torture and other forms of organised violence.

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament,

New Economics Foundation, - aims to improve quality of life by promoting innovative solutions that challenge mainstream thinking on economic, environment and social issues. We work in partnership and put people and the planet first.

For war poetry of the First World War, Iraq, Falklands, Sierra Leone and Vietnam:

There are more links (to campaigning groups) on the Author page. - mini banner Stop Esso

Congresbury Village Website


Healthy House < a list of practitioners of ecological medicine, and materials for allergy sufferers

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